The TED 2022 conference hired me to create an art installation for their closing party at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The view from the Convention Centre is spectacular and I wanted to enhance it while adding some colour to the room. They had a limited budget for the closing event so by creating a design that alternated windows and used negative space I was able to save cost on materials and the installation. 
The TED conference is full of inspiring presentations and guests so I wanted to make sure that this installation had a deeper meaning to it. By pulling together the copy below and playing with the double meaning of the word "perspective", I was able to accomplish that. 
"View Point: Look for the Light
When the weight of the world is on your mind and everything starts to look grey, remember that you have the power to shift your perspective.

Focus on the good, seek inspiration, create change and share your light with your community. Despite the hardships of these last few years, there is still hope left here. Light will emerge from the darkness. Live your life in full color."

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