Contemporary Landscape Artist
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Elyse Dodge Creative Inc.
Culver City, California

Artist Statement

My work aims to capture the vibrant beauty of the landscapes that we call home. By using a bold colour palette and the combination of hard and soft lines, I am able to accentuate the diverse shapes of the scenery around us. 
I see the world in colour, in shapes and in light. I find the process of discovering new landscapes and deconstructing them into minimal works of art theraputic. Through this journey, I have realized that when you break down a view into it's most basic form, it still remains beautiful. The polygonal shapes transform the peaks from being something that is recognizable as a mountain to a faceted, diamond-like form. These surreal scenes encourage the mind to reimagine what an alternate and more vivid world would look like.

The age of technology and social media has inspired my new collection to be more design driven and collaborative in its process. I use instagram to discover different photographic locations to paint. I then use my experience as a graphic designer to create digital mock ups of the landscapes before I start to paint. This creative journey allows my paintings and digital designs to bridge different mediums and build up like layers.

My hope is that these contemporary landscape paintings and digital illustrations will inspire the viewer to look at the mountains around them with a newfound appreciation and curiosity. To see all the shapes and colours that make up their world rather than just seeing a view for what it is.

LA based artist, Elyse Dodge, is best known for her bold use of colour in landscapes, exploring the connection between soft and hard forms, creating a distinctive visual language in her work.

Elyse was raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, by an artist and a builder who taught her about craftsmanship and how to see her surroundings as shapes and colour. Still inspired by the scenery of the West Coast, Elyse's work aims to capture the colours and textures of the views we see every day. Elyse sees her work as deconstructed landscapes, focusing on the fractal shapes and textures rather than the subject matter. Using bright colour palettes  - her work seamlessly blends the freedom of impressionism with the precision of geometry. The work acts as a reminder that things are not always what they seem and that a whole exists only as the sum of its parts; each part is therefore as beautiful and integral as the full puzzle.

Elyse’s colourful original paintings and prints of polygonal landscapes are featured in the interiors of contemporary homes and galleries across North America.

Elyse lives in LA with her husband and young son and dedicates her time to creating art. For inquiries on custom pieces please email Elyse.  
Selected Exhibitions

November 3 - 30, 2018 | Ian Tan Gallery, This Mountain Home, joined with artist David Pirrie, Vancouver, BC
2016 - 2018 | Elevation, Six Hundred Four, Vancouver, BC
2018 | Hot Sauce V, Hot Sauce Art Show, Vancouver, BC
2017 | Live Artist, Vancouver Mural Festival, Vancouver, BC
2017 | YVR, Celebration of Light, Vancouver, BC 
2016 | Creation, Lululemon, Vancouver, BC
2014 | Raw: Vancouver Presents Spectrum, Vancouver, BC
2013 | Art Battle 70, Art Battle Vancouver, Vancouver BC
2013 | The Story of the Creative, Angel Orensanz Foundation, New York, NY 
2013 | Bokeh Blue, Solo Show, Gastown, Vancouver, BC
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