The Canada 150 Zone was an exhibition that featured 150 people, places and things that make Canada a place that we are proud of. As the Creative Director for this project, it was my responsibility to create the vision, pitch to the client, hire the team, research the artefacts, direct the writing, translations and graphics and work with the contributing partners. The focus for the client was to create an interactive gallery that focused on three main categories: Culture, Innovation and Sport. We created an immersive experience for the guests through the use of a digital graffiti wall, message for Canada board, photo op installations, a peach bucket basketball hoop, hockey shoot out, live innovation exhibition and a 3D projected maple leaf featuring footage from defining Canadian moments.  
This 2-day long gallery for Canada Day 2017 was such a success that our client is planning on turning the exhibition into a permanent installation in Vancouver and possibly a book! 

Other Projects by Elyse

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