Vancouver-based Artist, Elyse Dodge, is best known for her bold use of colour in landscapes, exploring the connection between soft and hard forms, creating a distinctive visual language in her work.
Elyse was raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, by an artist and a builder who taught her and her brothers about craftsmanship and exploring their surroundings. Encouraged from a young age to create, homeschooling provided her with the perfect environment for her imagination to run wild.
Inspired by her surroundings, Elyse's work aims to capture the colours and textures of the mountains and oceans surrounding her. Elyse sees her work as deconstructed landscapes, focusing on the shapes and colour rather than the subject. Using bright colour palettes and distortion -  her work combines impressionism with deconstructed forms.
Ever the explorer, Elyse’s background in graphic and event design has seen her work on events and festivals across North America, including the Squamish Valley Music Festival and Celebration of Light. Her exposure to environmental design has impacted her art career to consider the experience she is creating for the viewer.  
Elyse’s colourful original paintings and prints of polygonal landscapes and geometric compositions are featured in the interiors of Canada’s most contemporary homes. 
Elyse lives in Vancouver with her husband and dedicates her time to her art and to working with Vancouver's top events and brands as an Art Director.
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